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25 things about me meme - Ru'uf

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February 4th, 2009

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06:51 am - 25 things about me meme
1: My oldest sister taught me to read when I was 5? 6? She sat me down and I got a great lesson from my mothers monster collection of children's books. I still remember the stories of Zip, Tad and Pud. I've passed through the voracious reading stage but still can cram down a 500 page book in 2-3 hours if I'm feeling peckish.
2: When I lived in the same room as Brent, I still remember one night I threw an aluminum TV dinner tray off my bed which resulted in the tray making a noise that sounded exactly like the commercial voice, "By Mennen."
3: I had horrible night terrors/mares/paralysis when I was a kid(aka as early as I remember till 20 or so). I worked *very* hard to assure that nobody knew about it, since I watched my siblings react to the world around them and fixed that problem on my own. Now it's soothing to wake up frozen, since I drop off so fast that I don't remember it too often. Well, basic training did give me screaming nightmares about Blue Cheese Dressing, but beyond that...
4: I despise running. I despise the feelings I have during it, after it and immediately before it as I anticipate the suck. My oldest sister is a gym rat, and I, myself got the short straw of endorphine genetics.
5: I truly believe that anyone can learn anything or do anything. Want to draw, go right ahead, draw. Want to sing, suit yourself. I personally want to do EVERYTHING and know EVERYTHING. It's a harder goal, limited only by time constraints and resources.
6: My favorite movies are Josie and the Pussycats and Charlies Angels. I jokingly tell people the first is why I joined the Army. If you don't get the joke, see the movie. Yes, they are mindless fun. Yes, they have hot chixors. I'm satisfied with that. Charlies Angels was one of the few movies I had to keep away cabin fever in Alaska.
7: I'm a gaming junkie. I like games (board, card, video, pencil/paper, party, solitary, puzzle, social, etc.) Part of the reason I like them, is I'm pretty good at figuring out the strategies, so I win. Perhaps I'm a winning junkie.
8: Perhaps this is merely a corollary to the previous statement: My father taught me to play chess by the brutal strategy of beating me to smithereens (figuratively!) and toning down his side with gimmies. "I'll play you without my queen," is a good example of the best way I've found to insult someone. I mean, really, you suck and I'll beat you without the benefit of this. When I can tell someone is handing out a gimmie to me, it just drives me bonkers!
9: I flirt every day with my amazing wife.
10: I am not a natural language sponge. I wish I was, but wouldn't pay the price in learning speed or comprehension that some pay. I've found some ways that work well for me. The teaching I got for Arabic filled none of the ways that work for me.
11: I am probably a psychopath. And no, it isn't the California legal definition. I won't explain why I think that.
12: I am *not* the tipping point that my siblings are. I am a sponge for cultural ideas. I've absorbed musical tastes from people around me, I mimic clothing styles(and in the military I just wear the same thing), I blend people's personality around myself to chameleon who I am.
13: People that intentionally dumb themselves down upset me. During HS, I socialized with very intelligent women who became the dumbest bricks in the school once a boy they thought was cute around. OOO! That's just annoying.
14: I like the smell of Icy Hot. I like the feel too.
15: I last lost my temper in July 2006. I pinned a kid to the wall by his throat when he disagreed with me. I'd been sleep deprived (3 or less hours) for 37 days. Before that I ended up kicking a kid in the ribs in the gutter until a neighbor came out and stopped me. When I snap, I snap hard.
16: I miss chocolates that taste like my wifes perfume. Only in a nostalgic way, and not in the yummy tasting good way.
17: The best part about the outdoors is the ability to pee into nature. Not many things can compare with the savage amazingness of taking a leak at 2am into 40° glow in the dark water.
18: Only my cousin Troy has ever gotten away with calling me Larry. That was when I was 5 and my family was moving.
19: My hands are covered in small scars. I view them as physical reminders of my actions. No, I'm not a cutter!
20: I love Gallo Pinto, Nacatamal, Aveno, and a bunch of other very latino dishes.
21: I've never drunk alcohol, yet I played bartender for my roommates during college. I was completely fair and intentionally mixed virgin drinks for underage people. The fact they acted drunk merely confirmed that they were using it as an excuse for social lubricant. I also built a wall of shame/hall of fame at the same time of EVERYONE that visited us.
22: I've kissed a total of 9 girls. No. You can't know who. I gentleman doesn't kiss and tell.
23: I regret most that I lost my friendship with my few friends from early elementary. Instead I withdrew. In hindsight, I don't know how I would have kept it.
24: I think my best friends mother throughout jr high and HS thought I was abused or starved. I ate all the food that was presented to me in their house.
25: I don't find Friends or Seinfield funny.

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