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Woke up on time yesterday, I had a glass of protein, instructed LVL 1 combatives and ended up staying a bit later than expected. I came home, showered, shaved, ate cereal and rolled into work at 0900. I ate half of a Detour bar (yummy Smores flavor)at 10, completed Utilities I, Plumbing II, Jazz Harmonics military ed. I'm at the halfway point for military ed. Bubba and I went to visit the MPs, but our POC had bailed. I'd had to miss administering a PT test for the failed meeting, so came back to see someone had failed. UGH. It weakens us as a unit when Soldiers fail. I feel its a reflection on command, but who am I to judge. I didn't go to the Beginner Japanese class at ACS. I have WAY too much on my plate. Had rotisserie chicken and ate sparingly. Eating like a Hobbit gets harder every day to make sure I eat every 2 hours. Ugh.

Busy little bee.

Yesterday I woke up early 3am ish. I had a scoop of protein, showered and prepped for work. Combatives lvl 1 started today so I was at the gym at 0530. I'm already bruised from it. Ate breakfast oatmeal/fiber one/kashi crunch. I did push ups continuously throughout the day (every 45 minutes or so). Military ed was first failing the Utilities I course (whoops, that didn't count!) and then the Plumbing I course (pass). Verified that the Soldier successfully made it to the bus to go to WLC. Got the next Soldier ready and filling out paperwork for WLC later this month. Ate like a hobbit. ie LOTS of little meals. Met a new Soldier(new to me) that'll probably be gone before I see him again. Reverified the plans for Thursday. Ran 2.5 miles in my Vibrams. My feet had some minor slipping spots, so I got some warm spots. Overall a good run. I held a 6 minute mile for a half mile until I wanted to see how good I could do. 5 minute mile pace 45 seconds later went past my redline and lost breathing rhythm. Wore socks to bed after smearing Vicks on my toenails. Made the choice to not go to bed at 2000 and read my Spanish, Arabic and Japanese BoMs and did 5 Kanji flashcards. Read scriptures w/ Annette and had some cuddle time. Slept like a log.

Beginning again.

Fast and Testimony meeting was nice and simple, even if Poem Lady got up and shared a poem about White Chrysanthemums... I think. I'm rested from my vacation, I did 2 online military courses and signed up for another. Annette and I watched Big Bang Theory S3E11. I downloaded more documents for my military metagame and read the first 2 chapters of Tipping Point w/ Annette.

Learning where I am.

I wrote a speech on the Army Values for a military competition. I generated my first draft of a little over 500 words in 30 minutes or so. It had technical issues and was difficult for people to understand. I reworked it, simplified the language and smoothed it into a lean 300 words. I discovered (yes, I know, I'm not the first person to do this) that you can run it through a reading level test. The simplified version ended up at a 12 year old's reading level. The first version (flawed as it was) was higher. Dumbing it down isn't the correct phrase for my actions regarding my paper. I increased understandability through a carefully organized approach. If my supervisor can understand it, I've hit the right level.

Yay me for posting.

25 things about me meme

1: My oldest sister taught me to read when I was 5? 6? She sat me down and I got a great lesson from my mothers monster collection of children's books. I still remember the stories of Zip, Tad and Pud. I've passed through the voracious reading stage but still can cram down a 500 page book in 2-3 hours if I'm feeling peckish.
2: When I lived in the same room as Brent, I still remember one night I threw an aluminum TV dinner tray off my bed which resulted in the tray making a noise that sounded exactly like the commercial voice, "By Mennen."
3: I had horrible night terrors/mares/paralysis when I was a kid(aka as early as I remember till 20 or so). I worked *very* hard to assure that nobody knew about it, since I watched my siblings react to the world around them and fixed that problem on my own. Now it's soothing to wake up frozen, since I drop off so fast that I don't remember it too often. Well, basic training did give me screaming nightmares about Blue Cheese Dressing, but beyond that...
4: I despise running. I despise the feelings I have during it, after it and immediately before it as I anticipate the suck. My oldest sister is a gym rat, and I, myself got the short straw of endorphine genetics.
5: I truly believe that anyone can learn anything or do anything. Want to draw, go right ahead, draw. Want to sing, suit yourself. I personally want to do EVERYTHING and know EVERYTHING. It's a harder goal, limited only by time constraints and resources.
6: My favorite movies are Josie and the Pussycats and Charlies Angels. I jokingly tell people the first is why I joined the Army. If you don't get the joke, see the movie. Yes, they are mindless fun. Yes, they have hot chixors. I'm satisfied with that. Charlies Angels was one of the few movies I had to keep away cabin fever in Alaska.
7: I'm a gaming junkie. I like games (board, card, video, pencil/paper, party, solitary, puzzle, social, etc.) Part of the reason I like them, is I'm pretty good at figuring out the strategies, so I win. Perhaps I'm a winning junkie.
8: Perhaps this is merely a corollary to the previous statement: My father taught me to play chess by the brutal strategy of beating me to smithereens (figuratively!) and toning down his side with gimmies. "I'll play you without my queen," is a good example of the best way I've found to insult someone. I mean, really, you suck and I'll beat you without the benefit of this. When I can tell someone is handing out a gimmie to me, it just drives me bonkers!
9: I flirt every day with my amazing wife.
10: I am not a natural language sponge. I wish I was, but wouldn't pay the price in learning speed or comprehension that some pay. I've found some ways that work well for me. The teaching I got for Arabic filled none of the ways that work for me.
11: I am probably a psychopath. And no, it isn't the California legal definition. I won't explain why I think that.
12: I am *not* the tipping point that my siblings are. I am a sponge for cultural ideas. I've absorbed musical tastes from people around me, I mimic clothing styles(and in the military I just wear the same thing), I blend people's personality around myself to chameleon who I am.
13: People that intentionally dumb themselves down upset me. During HS, I socialized with very intelligent women who became the dumbest bricks in the school once a boy they thought was cute around. OOO! That's just annoying.
14: I like the smell of Icy Hot. I like the feel too.
15: I last lost my temper in July 2006. I pinned a kid to the wall by his throat when he disagreed with me. I'd been sleep deprived (3 or less hours) for 37 days. Before that I ended up kicking a kid in the ribs in the gutter until a neighbor came out and stopped me. When I snap, I snap hard.
16: I miss chocolates that taste like my wifes perfume. Only in a nostalgic way, and not in the yummy tasting good way.
17: The best part about the outdoors is the ability to pee into nature. Not many things can compare with the savage amazingness of taking a leak at 2am into 40° glow in the dark water.
18: Only my cousin Troy has ever gotten away with calling me Larry. That was when I was 5 and my family was moving.
19: My hands are covered in small scars. I view them as physical reminders of my actions. No, I'm not a cutter!
20: I love Gallo Pinto, Nacatamal, Aveno, and a bunch of other very latino dishes.
21: I've never drunk alcohol, yet I played bartender for my roommates during college. I was completely fair and intentionally mixed virgin drinks for underage people. The fact they acted drunk merely confirmed that they were using it as an excuse for social lubricant. I also built a wall of shame/hall of fame at the same time of EVERYONE that visited us.
22: I've kissed a total of 9 girls. No. You can't know who. I gentleman doesn't kiss and tell.
23: I regret most that I lost my friendship with my few friends from early elementary. Instead I withdrew. In hindsight, I don't know how I would have kept it.
24: I think my best friends mother throughout jr high and HS thought I was abused or starved. I ate all the food that was presented to me in their house.
25: I don't find Friends or Seinfield funny.

I know, right?

So here I am. They unlocked the restricted wifi in the hotel since they're planning on putting in an ethernet jack in each room. (Or at least, that's what I'm telling myself)

So many pictures to upload, so much stuff to do. I've extended my reservation in the hotel until the 20th at least, so that's almost another month. That's the date lodging(the hotel) gave me after the called housing. That still isn't set in stone however. Argh!

I attend the range on the 10th, I have a PT test on the 4th, and sometime next month our office at work is going to be demolished and we're going to get the "pleasure" of working out of a boxcar next to the clinic. I'm determining the pathway I'll need (or want) to take for medical school. I've played Private, now I want an upgrade.

Japan is an alien place. Not in the forbidding, tentacled demon, ninjas attacking that manga or anime portray (sadly), instead of the insanity of through the looking-glass, it's like I was through the mirror, now it's more straight laced. The language is fluid and fast, without the glottals of arabic (thank goodness!), sadly however, it lacks the consonant rich sound of spanish, resulting in WAY too many words that sound the same. To compensate the Japanese use Kanji written on the hand to distinguish between similar words. They have game shows where they try to guess Kanji! It'd be like a spelling bee instead of who wants to be a millionaire. I'm good enough at charades (thank you Mr. Mohammed) to be able to gist the majority of conversations, and the people here are polite enough to my face to help me think I'm doing well. As for functional ability, I'm in Nephi 1 1:12. 0% comprehension. I know, I know, it isn't that impressive. If you think that, grab yourself a copy and start sounding out the words. We'll see how long you last.

I'm driven and I'm smart. I flat our *refuse* to remain a functional illiterate. The menus have nice colored pictures to assist with ordering. Point, gesture, nod. I despise not knowing what's going on around me. I'm not to the level of frustration I was ever at on my mission, because Annette is right here, keeping me tuned into english. Now to post my pictures.

And waiting...

I started in processing last week. You'd think that a little camp would have an easier time of pushing new people through the system. Negative. They've allotted me 45 days to in process. 45! Insane! With that number being so high, you'd think it would cover any contingency. Apparently not, since there are people that go over that number, since Housing can have you wait 60 days in lodging before any real report shows up to anyone that can do something. They can only upkeep x number of units based upon the amount they're allotted. They then number juggle to improve stats and fit people in to when they have money. Crazy. I love Japan.